June 28, 2014

Grandma H and Skilled Nursing Facility

It's been awhile since I've given any updates on Grandma H. In mid-April she was admitted into the hospital for low sodium level. Due to concerns of possible falls and bodily injuries, Grandma H's doctor suggested we take her off of Warfarin (a blood thinner medication) and replace it with a medical device to block blood clots from going to her heart and lungs. This would involve minor surgery. The surgery went well, and so far so good.

Through much prayer and contemplation, we (my family and I) felt it was best that Grandma H be at a skilled nursing facility. This way, she would get 24/7 round the clock professional nursing care. The kind of care that I wasn't able to give her. After countless hours of research and personally checking out different nursing home facilities in the area, we finally found one that we were happy with. So, in the beginning of May, Grandma H entered a skilled nursing facility.  Even after almost two months, I'm still impressed with the staff's efforts in trying to make Grandma H feel comfortable and tend to her needs. I know they're genuine in their concerns for Grandma's well-being. Even the residents there have been wonderful in making her feel welcomed and look out for her. The social worker even found a Cambodian individual who could go and interpret for them. And for this to happen is heaven sent because it's quite difficult to find any Cambodian interpreter in this area.

Putting Grandma H in a nursing facility was one of the toughest things I've ever had to do in my life. I had many concerns and worries. I worried about how she was going to cope on being there and how she's going to be treated. However, each time I prayed with Grandma H in mind, without fail, I always received a feeling of peace. The kind of feeling that everything was okay. She'll be okay. And that I shouldn't worry too much. Even then, I still worry (because I can be stubborn like that). But deep down, I know she's fine and that she's in good hands. Every time we visit Grandma H, things there look like what they should be; comfort and peace. And I hope it'll continue to be that way for a long time.

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